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The Ontario South Asian Community Association (OSACA) was founded in 2009 as an Ottawa-based, not-for-profit corporation with a mandate to promote cultural awareness.

It hosts an annual showcase event, the South Asian Festival, the largest such festival in North America to celebrate the cultural heritage of the south Asian region.

About us

OSACA strives to

  • Promote the culture, health, finance and education of the South Asian community in Ontario

  • Foster community spirit, diversity, peace and understanding among Canadians of different cultures

  • Promote local Ottawa and South Asian artists and culture to all audiences

  • Enrich the cultural landscape of the National Capital Region by hosting the annual family friendly South Asian Fest

South Asian Festival 2021

We host the South Asian Festival, the largest such festival in North America to celebrate the cultural heritage of the South Asian region.

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OSACA and SAF are blessed to have prominent individuals speak and attend our events.

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OSACA offers a free membership to individuals and businesses. Membership benefits include access to Covid-related advertising sponsorship and access to community events, among others.

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